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Taylor & Alex – Arizona Biltmore Wedding

Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9686

Taylor & Alex’s Arizona Biltmore wedding photos were so gorgeous!  Their day was inspired by the art deco vibe of the Arizona Biltmore and its Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.  From the invitations to the cake their day was pulled together seamlessly, along with stunning pops of color perfect for a fall wedding.

I asked them both to tell me about how they met, their first impressions, and one of their favorite early dating memories:

Taylor:  The story varies depending on who’s telling it–but we’ll go with my version.  We met through mutual friends while I was still in school at ASU and he had already graduated from ASU.  After a night of country dancing and hullabaloo, we hit it off.  

When I first met him, I was immediately attracted to his fun personality and great sense of humor.  He was such an outgoing, funny person and I had a great time with him from the very beginning.  We went on our first date shortly after and the rest is history.

Alex:  The first thing that struck me was how beautiful she was.  Once the conversation began, it became apparent that there was an immediate spark.  We had a ton in common and conversation was fun and easy.  Taylor is an amazing person, has a great sense of humor and has a spark and love of life that is contagious. 

Our first trip together was to San Diego and we had a blast.  It was our first time traveling together and we were able to explore the city and relax on the beach and enjoy each other’s company. 

Thank you both so much for trusting me to a part of your big day.  Congrats & best wishes to you!

scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9687 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9688 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9689 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9690 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9691 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9692 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9693 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9694 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9695 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9696 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9697 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9698 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9699 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9700 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9701 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9702 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9703 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9704 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9705 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9706 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9707 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9708 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9709 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9710 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9711 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9712 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9713 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9714 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9715 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9716 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9717 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9718 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9719 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9720 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9721 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9722 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9723 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9724 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9725 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9727 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9728 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9729 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9730 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9731 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9732 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9733 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9735 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9734 Arizona Biltmore wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9736 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9737

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Brea & Neil – Papago Park Engagement

Papago Park engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9668

Loved spending the afternoon with these two during their Papago Park engagement photos!  I asked them each to tell me about Neil’s proposal:

Neil:  We went to the Omni Montelucia for a “staycation” and attended happy hour (one of our favorite pastimes) before having dinner at Prado, where we drank a bottle of Arizona wine.  After dinner, we enjoyed a beautiful desert sunset before walking back to our room.  The stairs up to the second floor opened up to a deck with an excellent view of Camelback Mountain and the desert sunset.  I pulled the ring out of my pocket and asked her to marry me.  The next morning we had a spa day before returning back home.

Brea:  We had talked about getting married and had a pretty solid timeline set.  I had a slight feeling that the proposal might happen that night, but didn’t want to expect anything.  I didn’t want to be upset if it didn’t happen and it was still a lovely evening.  I was quite surprised when he did ask me though!  The funny thing is that Neil says he slept so well that night because he was so relieved, but I barely slept because I just kept thinking of all the things we now had to do! 

Papago Park engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9669 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9670 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9671 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9672 Papago Park engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9673 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9674 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9674a scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9675 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9677 Papago Park engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9678 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9679 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9680 Papago Park engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9681 Papago Park engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9683 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9684

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Tulli & David – Troon Country Club Wedding

Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9621

Simple, classic and romantic can only describe Tulli & David’s Troon Country Club wedding.  So much love and happiness surrounded by family & friends…it was an honor to be a part of it!

I asked each of them to tell me when they knew each other was “the one” and to share one of their favorite early dating memories.

David:  I knew Tulli was the one very early on.  Tulli was so unlike every other girl I had met at college; she was down to earth, funny, smart, and beautiful.  She also had amazing perspective, which was due in part because she worked two jobs to support herself through college all on her own.

Tulli:  I was more focused on the social aspect of school before I met David.  When I met him, I started wanting to change my focus to my grades and doing well in school.  I had never dated anyone who made me want to be a better person.  When I realized it was his influence on me to do better and reach my full potential, I knew he was the one! 

One of our favorite memories was the summer before we moved to DC.  We visited the city and went to visit all the memorials late at night when no one was around.  We brought a bottle of wine and walked the Mall, stopping to look at the sights and enjoy the beauty of everything.  Being at the Lincoln memorial late at night when there is no one around is breathtaking!  It was a special night for us. 

scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9622 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9623 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9624 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9625 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9626 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9627 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9628 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9629 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9630 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9631 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9633 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9634 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9635 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9636 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9667 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9637 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9638 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9639 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9640 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9641 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9642 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9647 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9648 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9649 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9651 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9652 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9653 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9655 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9656 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9657 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9658 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9659 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9660 Troon Country Club wedding - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9661 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9662 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9663 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9665 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9666

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Chelsea & Ryan – Desert Maternity

desert maternity photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9607

Chelsea & Ryan asked me to capture their desert maternity photos for them and their one request was lots of cactus!  What a treat to see my past wedding couples starting their families.  I love when my couples embrace the beauty of the open desert.  Especially when they are up for a little adventure and trekking off the trail.  So excited for Chelsea & Ryan’s exciting new stage of life!

scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9608 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9609 desert maternity photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9610 desert maternity photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9611 desert maternity photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9612 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9613 desert maternity photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9614 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9615 desert maternity photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9616 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9617 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9618 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9619 desert maternity photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9620

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