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The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9738

What a stunning location for Amanda & Mike’s The Boulders wedding photos!  Surrounded by picturesque natural landscape and rock formations, Amanda & Mike said their vows overlooking the most beautiful scenery.  I asked them each to tell me about their first impressions, when they knew each other was “the one,” and a favorite memory from when they first started dating:

Mike:  My first impression of Amanda was when she was working in the training room with all of the new hires.  I was walking through answering questions for the group.  She had her glasses on, and I noticed how cute she was across the room, even though she would say differently.  

I knew Amanda was the one when she came over for a friends game night a few months after we met.  She was not only able to hold her own on a few awkward questions, but was also able to give me hard time as well!  Due to trying to keep our relationship a low profile at work, it was fun having to find some secret date spots to go to where we had a better chance of not being seen by co-workers. 

Amanda:  When I first started at our company I swore I would never be interested in someone from work, and that was the case when I first saw Mike.  He was just another co-worker.  Then he showed up at one of our company weekly meetings in a suit, and I turned to my friend and said “Wow, now I know what the hype is about Mike… he looks amazing today.”  From that point on, not only did I think he was good looking, but everything else was just as perfect.  

I knew Mike was the one when it felt right to introduce him to my family.  My family is such a huge part of my life; I never wanted to introduce someone to them that I knew I didn’t care about.  I cared a lot about Mike and my family’s opinion of him.  Needless to say, they loved him just as much as I did!  

My favorite memory of when I first started dating Mike was our traditional “Wednesday Date Night.”  We tried to spend the rest of the week (other than the weekend) with our friends or simply alone, and focus on getting to know one another more on Wednesdays.  Slowly that Wednesday turned into Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… We always have the best time when we are together.

Congrats to you both!

scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9740The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9741The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9742scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9745scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9743The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9744scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9739The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9746scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9747scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9748scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9755The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9752scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9749scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9750scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9754scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9751The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9753scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9756The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9757The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9758scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9759scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9760scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9761scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9762The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9763scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9764The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9765scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9766The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9768scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9769The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9770scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9771The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9772scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9773The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9774The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9775The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9776scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9777The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9778scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9779scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9780scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9781The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9782scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9783The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9784scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9785scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9786scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9787scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9788The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9789scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9790The Boulders wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9791scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9792scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9793scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9794

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