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Michelle & Tom – Phoenician Engagement

Phoenician engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9585

Michelle & Tom wanted a lush, green feel for their Phoenician engagement photos and we had the perfect day for it!  These two got engaged at The Phoenician so it holds a special place in their hearts.  They were also nice enough to let me squeeze in some desert photos, too…and the Phoenician has one of the loveliest private cactus gardens, perfect for a session like this.  My clients are the best and I love when they trust me to do my thing!

I asked Michelle to tell me about how Tom proposed:

“There was a New Year’s Eve cocktail party and people were singing to Piano Man.  Five minutes before the ball dropped, Tom asked me to take a walk down to the pool.  We made our way there and as the crowd above rang in the new year, Tom got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I was surprised and overcome with joy, and said “YES!”  We went back up to the bar to celebrate over a bottle of champagne.”

So excited for your wedding with Tie the Knot by Tessa at Gainey Ranch Golf Club!

Phoenician engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9586 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9587 Phoenician engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9589 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9591 Phoenician engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9592 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9593 Phoenician engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9594 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9595 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9596 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9598 Phoenician engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9599 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9601 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9602 Phoenician engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9603 Phoenician engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9605 Phoenician engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9606

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Shawna & Dave – El Chorro Wedding

El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9513

Shawna & Dave’s El Chorro wedding photos turned out simply incredible thanks to the stunning couple and the amazing details!  It was crazy hot for a late October wedding but you’d never know it the way these two were smiling all day.  Their family & wedding party were so much fun it made you feel like you just wanted to be friends with all of them and share in their camaraderie.  Congrats to you both!!

scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9584 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9514 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9583 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9516 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9518 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9520 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9523 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9580 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9524 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9522 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9519 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9526 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9528 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9529 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9529a El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9530 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9531 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9532 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9533 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9534 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9536 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9536a scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9538a scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9539 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9539a El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9543 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9547 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9548 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9549 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9550 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9552 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9553 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9555 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9557 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9582 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9556 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9581 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9558 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9559 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9560 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9561 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9563 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9564 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9565 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9566 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9567 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9570 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9573 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9574 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9575 El Chorro wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9577 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9578

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Mozelle & Don – Arizona Engagement

Arizona engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9486

Mozelle & Don flew out from San Francisco for their Arizona engagement photos and the desert did not disappoint!  Mozelle is from Tucson and that’s where they’ll be getting married, so they wanted to highlight the natural beauty of the desert.  These two are SO much fun…Don is full of energy and has a great sense of humor, and he had Mozelle laughing so much the entire time.

I asked Mozelle to tell me about how Don proposed:

“We got engaged over Easter weekend in Ojai, California.  Ojai is a very special place to us because it is a place where we can truly unwind and relax.  It’s a small, ‘sleepy’ town as we like to say, where we can just spend quality time with one another.  Additionally, it is where Don’s parents live so we visit quite often.

The day of the proposal was spent wine tasting in Santa Ynez.  My sister, Alexa, was visiting from Chicago so she was in attendance as well.  The day was beautiful, so on our way back from wine tasting, Don decided to make a pit stop at Meditation Mount (a very picturesque area of Ojai) under the guise that he wanted to show Alexa around the town.  

We walked around and took pictures and at one point, Don and I separated from Alexa.  It was then that he got down on one knee and proposed.  I was totally caught by surprise, which is something that is hard to do!  The rest of that day was spent celebrating and calling close family and friends.”
Arizona engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9487 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9488 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9489 Arizona engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9491 Arizona engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9492 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9492a Arizona engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9493 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9494 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9495 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9496 Arizona engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9497 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9498 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9499 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9500 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9501 Arizona engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9502 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9503 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9504 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9505 Arizona engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9506 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9507 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9508 Arizona engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9509 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9510 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9511

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Dunia & Ryan – Sanctuary on Camelback Wedding

Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9435

Dunia & Ryan’s Sanctuary on Camelback wedding photos are ones where you can’t wipe the smile off your face all day.  Their laughter is contagious and the energy of their family and friends is something I won’t soon forget.  I asked Dunia & Ryan to tell me about one of their favorite moments from when they first started dating, and when they knew each other was the one:

Ryan:  “One day when Dunia and I weren’t yet officially dating, she casually mentioned that there would be a time when we would stop hanging out.  And in that moment, I felt a pang in my stomach and knew I never wanted her to leave my side.”

Dunia:  “I’ll start this story by saying I’m super allergic to gluten, so I can’t ever eat it.  One morning when Ryan and I were still pretty new in our relationship, he asked me ‘What food do you miss most that you can’t eat anymore?’  Without hesitation, I blurted out ‘French toast!’  We both fell back asleep (or so I thought) and about an hour later, Ryan woke me up with breakfast in bed.  He had gone to the grocery store, bought gluten free bread (this is when it first came out and was only stocked at specialty stores) and had made me French toast.  I knew he was someone I’d be lucky to end up with for good, right then and there.

One of my favorite early dating moments was in the very beginning of our relationship.  My boss offered me a free weekend stay at his Oregon ranch/lake house.  I invited Ryan secretly, since we worked together and our dating was still under wraps at our company.  At that time, we were each making barely any money, so we spent all that we had on flights up there.  We had a super spontaneous and adventurous trip and really fell in love there.  Between Ryan showcasing his cooking skills, tons of wine and endless conversation by the crackling fire, it was the best trip we could have imagined.

The funny twist is that we had each taken Thursday and Friday off of work for different reasons (since nobody knew we were going on vacation together or even dating at that point).  When we arrived at the airport in Medford, OR our flight was drastically delayed, and we were warned it might not leave that day.  Normally this wouldn’t be a huge issue, but this was a tiny airport and they didn’t have flights from there to LA until Tuesday.  We were nervous our cover would be blown when neither of us showed up to work on Monday at the last minute!

It was the very beginning of our relationship, but while we were at this small airport, with all the stores and restaurants closed, we had nothing to do but try to lay down and sleep.  Not only one, but a few people commented to us that we were a ‘darling couple’ even though we weren’t even official.”

scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9436 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9437 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9438 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9439 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9440 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9441 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9443 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9444 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9445 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9446 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9447 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9448 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9449 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9450 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9451 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9452 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9453 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9454 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9455 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9456 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9457 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9458 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9459 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9460 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9461 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9462 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9463 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9464 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9465 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9466 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9467 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9468 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9469 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9470 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9471 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9472 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9473 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9473a Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9474 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9475 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9477 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9478 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9478a scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9480 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9482 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9483 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9484 Sanctuary Camelback wedding photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9485

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