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Andrea & John – Desert Engagement

Desert engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9359

What a beautiful afternoon for Andrea & John’s desert engagement photos!  The early fall Arizona heat didn’t stop these two from enjoying themselves on one of their favorite desert trails.  I asked Andrea to tell me the story of how they met:

“It was the first true summer night in Chicago in June of 2013 and everyone was heading to the West Loop Randolph Street Days block party.  My girlfriend, Caroline, and I saw a couple live bands and then decided to grab dinner in Greek Town.  On the way out we met a random group of guys who wanted us to go out with them to a local bar.  Between the playful banter, our hunger beat out, and we told the guys another time and headed to the restaurant.  After a fabulous dinner on the rooftop and a couple glasses of wine, we decided to call it a night.  I had my hand on the taxi cab door when Caroline looked over and said, “Let’s stop in this bar for one more drink!”  

I followed her into Dugan’s bar, and who happened to be there, but the guys from earlier in the night.  We had a few drinks and talked about music.  When I mentioned the Calvin Harris show at The Mid that weekend, one of the guys pointed me in the direction of a guy across the table–John.  Some call it instant connection, I like to call it the beginning of our love story.”

So fun!  Can’t wait for their wedding at The Secret Garden Event Center with Your Heart’s Desire Weddings & Events!

scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9360 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9366 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9361 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9362 Desert engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9363 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9365 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9364 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9368 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9369 Desert engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9370 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9371 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9372 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9373 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9374 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9376

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Sarah & Matt – Woodend Sanctuary Wedding

Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9309

What a whirlwind weekend for Sarah & Matt’s Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos!  I get to feel like a part of so many families but when I travel for weddings it’s even more so.  So many warm and welcoming people…I miss them already!  Just minutes outside of DC, driving down a wooded winding road along Rock Creek, this quaint preserve venue stands on 40 acres of wooded land and open fields.  We saw deer & butterflies, and the weather was absolutely perfect.  It reminded me so much of southern Indiana and I felt right at home!  Congrats Sarah & Matt and thank you for flying me out to document the first day of your marriage!


scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9358 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9311 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9312 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9313 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9314 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9315 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9316 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9318 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9319 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9321 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9322 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9323 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9324 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9325 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9327 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9328 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9329 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9330 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9331 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9332 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9333 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9334 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9335 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9336 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9337 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9338 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9339 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9340 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9341 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9342 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9343 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9344 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9345 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9346 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9347 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9348 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9349 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9350 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9351 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9352 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9353 Woodend Sanctuary wedding photos - dc-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9354 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9355 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9356

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Brittany & Irving – Saguaro Lake Engagement


I absolutely love when my couples trust me to venture out to new locations, and these two did just that for their Saguaro Lake engagement photos.

Brittany told me a little about how he proposed:

We got engaged in July. We were at home with our dogs, and he asked if we could go look at the stars. (I thought it was weird since he isn’t normally crazy romantic!)  He pointed to a star, and said he named it after me, and it was as beautiful as me. I turned to look at him, and he was on one knee and was shaking! Simple and sweet, just like us!

I’m so happy for these two and their upcoming wedding!

scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9286 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9287 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9288 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9289 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9290 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9291 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9292 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9293 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9294 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9295 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9296 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9297 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9298 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9299 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9300 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9301 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9302 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9303 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9304 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9305 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9306 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9307 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9308

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Makenzie & Tommy – Flagstaff Engagement

Flagstaff engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9264

It was touch and go whether it was going to rain on us for Makenzie & Tommy’s Flagstaff engagement photos.  We completely lucked out and had some lovely sunshine while we were in this amazing field of flowers!  Then we trekked to a second location where it got pretty ominous and ultimately rained too hard for us to continue shooting.  However, I was able to grab a few fun shots of these two with the rain coming down before we got soaked.  Huge thanks to them for being adventurous and rolling with the punches!

Makenzie & Tommy are Flagstaff die hards and Tommy proposed in the snow in downtown, so being able to travel up north and escape the heat with them was a real treat.  Thank you both so much for a fun afternoon of off-roading!

Flagstaff engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9265 Flagstaff engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9266 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9267 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9268 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9269 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9270 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9271 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9273 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9274 Flagstaff engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9275 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9276 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9277 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9278 Flagstaff engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9279 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9280 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9281 Flagstaff engagement photos - scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9282 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9283 scottsdale-wedding-photographer-rachel-solomon-photography_9284

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Selina & Samer – Tucson Engagement

Tucson Engagement Photos - Scottsdale Wedding Photographer | Rachel Solomon Photography_9241

Selina & Samer’s Tucson engagement photos were certainly one for the books.  We started out at Selina’s parents home where their wedding will be and where Samer proposed, spending time with their two beautiful horses.  The lighter colored one actually followed me around while I was working and even rested its nose on my shoulder for a bit.  I’ve always loved horses and dreamed of having my own, so this was a real treat for me!  But on to the fabulous couple.  I asked them both to tell me about when they knew each other was the one, and how Samer proposed:

Selina: I knew he was the one when I was at dinner with him, and how he had such great manners, carried great conversation with me and others, and also how sweet he was towards my dog Harley. Anytime he brought me candy, he also brought my dog something as a treat. 

Samer: When we were lying out having great quiet conversation, watching the stars on the roof of the house.  

I proposed to Selina in her parents’ beautiful backyard, using her family and friends as word scramble letters (around their necks), and having her unscramble the words to spell out “will you marry me.” Her reaction was very excited and nervous and then said “Can I put the ring on myself now!?” And I of course said yes, as well as did she!

Congrats you two!  I cannot wait for your wedding this spring with Meagan Crain Weddings & Events!

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