Scottsdale Engagement – Lauren & AJ


What a gorgeous afternoon for Lauren & AJ’s Scottsdale engagement session! With rain on the radar, we took the chance of keeping things as planned, and although it was a little chilly, that golden hour light was epic.

I asked AJ to tell me about how he proposed:

“I purchased Lauren’s ring from Schmitt Jewelers, a custom ring design inspired by a couple different rings Lauren shared with me on our wedding Pinterest board. After I got the ring, I asked permissions from Lauren’s Father, the mother that raised her and her birth mother. I then informed her brothers, and finally her son Rainn about my intentions. I was going to propose sometime during our yearly October trip. We took a trip to Albuquerque, NM and Santa Fe, NM.

On the second full day of our trip. I organized a tram ride up to the top of Sandia Peak. My idea was to propose after a short hike (as hiking in Kauai is one of my favorite memories, and one of the moments I felt most connected to Lauren). I forgot to tell Lauren that we were hiking however, and she wore a wedged sneaker (not ideal). As we were about to get to the end of the trail with a fantastic view, Lauren slightly twisted her ankle and fell to the ground. She was now SUPER annoyed, and thus I had to pivot.

We went back and grabbed a snack at the restaurant atop the peak. Before we sat down, I noticed a secluded area at the top of a ridge just north of the restaurant. After snacking, we headed back here. I told her I wanted to take a time-lapse picture of the sunset, and so setting up a camera seemed normal to her. I set up a second camera however, and Lauren became suspicious, and began asking some questions about what I was doing.

I gave her some made-up photography mumbo-jumbo about aperture correction and having different points of view, but I think she got suspicious. Nevertheless, I told her to stand out in front of the cameras so I could focus properly. I joined her a moment later, and after a few nervous seconds went by, I grabbed both of her hands, told her how much I loved her, and got down on one knee.”

So excited for their wedding this fall at Tercero by Aldea Weddings!

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